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              Hangzhou linan HuaSheng daily necessities co., LTD., founded in 2003, relying on zhejiang non-woven industry base, the introduction of advanced equipment at home and abroad. Specializing in the production of cotton soft towel, clean dry towel, face towel, soft towel roll, compressed towel, bath towel, makeup cotton and cloth and other non-woven products, equipment is complete.

              The company in the domestic market is an important strategic partner of many well-known brands. Foreign markets are exported to Japan, the United States, Britain, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and the Middle East and other regions. Widely praised by users at home and abroad.

              Level in line with the national health standard modern factory building, hundreds of sterile purification workshop of scientific production management system, and relying on the technical talented person aspects of accumulation and precipitation for many years. Optimization of production technology constantly, adheres to the corporate philosophy of best quality, continue to provide customers with high quality and value added services.

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